This first project assumes no previous knowledge just a willingness to learn. Nevertheless it still produces a playable and enjoyable game.
2.Yahtzee Solitaire
An interesting combination of Yahtzee and Poker Solitaire but simple enough that it makes for a good second project.
3.Words 4
The main fascination in this project is creating suitable four word sets.
4.Card Match
A gentle introduction to animation in a web game.
An old favourite but challenging enough to be worthy of our fifth project.
Now this is really exciting! This project reveals how to create a satisfying adventure game.
The challenge here was to create suitable sets of countries.

The game itself offered a couple of interesting challenges too.
8.the Game of Life
An exciting project which really makes the screen come alive!
The main interest in this tute is learning a way to split a single image into pieces.
A new take on the old game of Noughts & Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe)
The most advanced project so far but one that is really satisfying. This is the game I like to play every day!