Thank you so much for including us Mac users! Your puzzles are a treat to put together, and the interface is very user friendly. I'm definitely hooked.

Peter's Jigsaws is far and away the best jigsaw software out there. I also really like that the pictures are submitted by regular folks, many of whom we already know online. And Peter is always willing to give personal help with any email issues and the like. This is truly a five-star service, a 100% class operation, if you like jigsaws, that is.

The Jigsaws are more entertaining than Myst.

I am enjoying your puzzles SO much, and sure thank you for all the time you put into these. You're making an awful lot of people very, very happy!

Me and the kids love doing these puzzles, they are such a challenge and so beautiful too! Thanks for all the fun.

When I started these, I only liked landscape puzzles but Peter has converted me - I just love these color puzzles, just like magic.

I think the really great thing about these jigsaws is the diversity of them from animals to people to places to montages to artwork. The fun is in knowing that there is always something different. And the other great thing is the pleasure you get if Peter uses one of your pictures or images to make a jigsaw with

I have to say, this is the first vice I've known of that is good for you.

What a lifesaver these puzzles are. Somehow, one of our indoor cats escaped 3 days ago. We know he's in the neighborhood, but he's so afraid, he won't come to anyone. We've just been sick about this and have been notifying neighbors and putting out food. I'm so upset, I find it hard to sleep. Every time I sit down, my mind wanders to where poor Andy is. I found that these puzzles are just the right thing to occupy my mind and eat up the hours I would spend worrying.
Later: Andy is safe at home thanks to a kind neighbor.

I can't believe it's already Friday again!!

I think I will become addicted to these.

People who have not tried these puzzles have no idea how beautiful and unique each puzzle is. The two I opened yesterday both brought forth an "Oh, WOW!" from me. One was Halloween and the other the waterfall. Have to say it again: Oh, WOW!

I get so absorbed that I forget how much time is passing for sure!

I just hope that Peter doesn't run out of jigsaws - the way some addicts are ordering them

I have just started doing the "don't peek at the picture first" method. That's an interesting experience to try for variety.

They're just so much fun!

There is no doubt about it, I am hooked on your puzzles, right now I have three I am trying to finish and there is not a day that goes by where I do not spend several hours on them. Guess you could say I am addicted to them.

The puzzle clicks and I sigh.

Thanks, Peter, for all your time and dedication.

I'm trying to slow down by using the D key so I don't see the picture and not using the boxes, but the puzzle keeps calling and I keep putting pieces together.

I have to tell you since I've been out of work with this Rheumatoid Arthritis I look forward to Friday and the new puzzle. Even if I had the room for a regular puzzle my hands couldn't handle the pieces. Your puzzles have been a life saver.

Hi Jigsaw Puzzlers, Is anyone working on a D game where you don't see the picture? I think this is a great way to go, and I'm on such a puzzle now, like it is very interesting. I know the light blue with some white mix is the sky and I have quite a bit of that done. Next comes dark blue below the white so this will be hills, mountains in the distance, or rocks, not sure yet. Then come some brown pieces that look offhand like - hmm - straw? Can't imagine how this will work out from here on. I know I can go look at the picture with P but not yet!

Just had to do a little dance - tomorrow is Friday and it means a new puzzle!

I can't believe that I have worked fifty or more puzzles!!! I just can't believe it!!! I mean when I started these things I thought that I would get one every Friday and then take at least a week to finish it. However, I have discovered that I usually finish either over the weekend or at the beginning of the week and so I simply just order another one and another one and another one untill I get my new puzzle on Friday again!! Do you think I need therapy? Is there even a jigsaw puzzle therapy available? Maybe we need to start a twelve step process or something called Puzzles Annonymous or something!!

I am not an ordinary jigsaw lover - but I love these

These puzzles take over my life. I am really stretching out last Friday's puzzle so I have SOMETHING to work at every day. Gosh, its only Sunday! Wonder if I can make it until next Friday?

It is so relaxing and the puzzles are lovely!

Peter's puzzles are a marvelous invention and very addictive.

I just wanted to tell you once again how much we as your loyal puzzlers appreciate all that you do to make our puzzling a little more enjoyable each and every week. Thanks a bunch!!!

Peter was such great help to this ole lady when I first started his puzzles, and replied to my questions personally, I really appreciated the attention. Now I am hooked, especially on the moving jigsaws.

These puzzles are just too much! Can't keep away!

Thanks to Peter, for this great puzzle experience. The only thing wrong with it is that it's cutting seriously into my game playing time...