The Bishop & The Vicar

I encountered this great puzzle back in the 50's and managed to solve it about 20 minutes. I still love it!

Find the Princess

I'm not sure that my answer is spot on - feedback welcomed!

The Competition

I regard this as one of the cleverest puzzles I have ever encountered - maybe you will too!

The Necklace

Sam Loyd created maybe 5,000 puzzles in the nineteenth century. I have reproduced one here for your enjoyment and appreciation.


I don't think I managed to solve this one when I first encountered it. Maybe you'll do better!

Crossing the Desert

This one I spent many hours on and never really cracked it.

The Eagle and the Train

One of those puzzles where it's easy to go down a tortuous path (pun intended!). Be on the lookout for an 'Aha!' solution.


Fiendishly difficult to create but relatively easy to solve. You also have the choice of using straight or cryptic clues.