Mulawa Dreaming Plus by Peter Hewitt
Latest upload - May 2010 - Version 3.2

The Mulawa Dreaming Plus package contains a suite of activities that should be enjoyable for anyone. They may be regarded as a follow on to my work with Mulawa Dreaming Easy.

Exit from any activity is via the Esc key or the exit button.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone using this suite - you can e-mail me via the Home link at the bottom of this display.

tn Acrostics A reworking of the very popular three-way crosswords from Cooroora with an additional 20 new ones. Note that you can type the number of an acrostic and press Enter to get straight to it.
tn Alpha Tiles are dealt one at a time and may be placed anywhere on the grid. Note that the last move may be "undone" by clicking on the green square.
tn Follow Me Very simple but very demanding on your short term memory.
tn Hidden Objects Nancy suggested that I create a Hidden Objects game - here's the result!
Perhaps not quite what she had in mind but I think this is an interesting variation - rather like a cross between a jigsaw and a hidden objects game.
tn IQ An absorbing variation on those puzzles you usually find in little plastic cases.
tn Jigsaws - 48 piece Click to pick up a piece - click to put it down.
tn Piper A simple little activity based on the game of "Black" which featured in Magicama.
tn Sudoku My take on the ubiquitous Sudoku. Hopefully this one takes all the pain out of playing but leaves all the pleasure. My program will only allow you to place a tile that you are certain is in the right place. i.e. It is the only tile that will not cause a clash in that position or it is a tile that cannot go anywhere else in the row, column or square. None of the puzzles (and there are heaps!) require any trial and error.
tn Trails A most absorbing game that requires good strategic thinking to play well.
All you have to do is place a tile on its number to score BUT after the first tile is placed, tiles must always be in sequence across or down the screen. To make it a little easier, tiles may also repeat.
Here's a picture of a game in progress. Note that when you get to 9 you can start again at 1. Can you work out how to score both the unused 6 and 9 in my picture? (Solution)
tn Venus A trip down memory lane here!
This was the very first graphical puzzle created by yours truly - way back in 1999!
You may remember it from my first game Xiama.
tn Yahtzee This is my version of the well known game. Note that it always starts in "easy" mode. You have three spins before you have to choose where to place your colour set.