• Alphabetical list of countries & flags

  • Research Questions

    1. How is Nepal's flag different from every other flag? (It is non-rectangular).

    2. What do the flags of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Tuvalu have in common?
      (They all include England's flag, the Union Jack).

    3. How many stars are on the United States flag? (50).
      What do these stars represent? (One for each state).

    4. What do the flags of Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Samoa have in common?
      (They all show the Southern Cross).

    5. 28 flags use only one colour apart from white. How many can you find?
      (Austria, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Greenland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Micronesia, Monaco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Somalia, Switzerland, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey).

    6. 25 flags use red, white and blue and no other colour. How many can you find?
      (Australia, Cambodia, Chile, Cuba, Czech Republic, England/United Kingdom, France, Holland/Netherlands, Iceland, Laos, Liberia, Luxembourg, Nepal, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Panama, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, United States).