Mind Reader
Way back in '98, this was my first foray into doing something 'magical' on the Internet - enjoy!
The Twenty Card Mystery
Very simple but quite intriguing!
A little miracle
You'll need a pack of cards and considerable patience but I assure you that it is worth it!
The title does not exaggerate!
The Thirty-One Scam
I've tried very hard to recreate this scam - it wasn't easy!
Make sure that you play along until you've obviously been scammed!
Pick a Card
This has been around for so long but usually is the same every time.
My version is different every time!
Another Mind Reader
My version of an effect popularised by Max Maven.
Magic Videos
When I started my website in 1998, I wrote that it would be great to be able share some of my magic on video.
It's taken 18 years but it's finally happened!