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Xiama revisited
The original "Xiama" was a labour of love taking almost a year and an estimated 2,000 cups of coffee to produce. I had to learn a lot of new skills in order to produce it. This was in 2000. I completely rewrote it in 2007. Puzzle your way through an Australian rainforest.
Magnetic revisited
"Magnetic" is a beautiful tropical island and was to be the setting for my next game creation outing.
This was a much more ambitious project. Very special was the fact that I worked with a Graphics Artist this time. But it too needed a rewrite - this happened in 2010.
I really thought that the Ideas Bucket was now empty but late in 2007 inspiration reappeared. "Magicama" builds on the ideas developed in "Xiama" and "Magnetic" (hence the name).
But this time I set myself the challenge of creating a game without any text whatsoever.
I had many requests to create a game that focussed on word puzzles. "Cooroora" was the result. "Cooroora" is the name of the mountain next to our home in Pomona.
This game lets you explore this great part of Australia as well as testing your word skills.