20 Sep 2018 : Top View
No re-design required this time - just a little resizing!
Later: I also finished Anagrams and Pictures.
20 Sep 2018 : Butterflies
Have started work on my Brain Games. This is the first cab off the rank. Trickier than I anticipated but very satisfying to have hit on a workable design.
18 Sep 2018 : The Game of Life
It took a bit of fiddling but this now looks good on both my iPad and my iPhone. Not real bad on the desktop either!
13 Sep 2018 : Website move complete.!
It's been a rugged two days but I've just fixed the "second last problem". Please let me know when you find the one I've missed!
6 Sep 2018 : Apps Menu
Just tried them all on my new iPhone. Not perfect in some cases but still playable.
28 Aug 2018 : Tutorials Menu
The Tutorials Section, too, is now complete. Also I've ordered an iPhone so I can really check how well I'm achieving my aim.
19 Aug 2018 : Magic Menu
My Magic Section is now completely re-worked. This entry replaces all the prevous Magic entries in this list.
11 Aug 2018 : Peter's Brain Games 2
A new section for sharing some of my best ideas for taking you on a mathematical journey that I promise you will enjoy!
6 Aug 2018 : Mulawa Dreaming
As I write at least 60% of people are browsing on a mobile device so I've decided to work on my website to make it appear at its best on as many devices as possible. I've started with my home page.
29 Jul 2018 : Turtle Play
The Logo turtle was invented in 1967. I still love it and I've decided to re-visit it using modern web technology. A great trip down memory lane and a great workout on the new web stuff!
4 Jul 2018 : Alpha 25
This game was inspired by the iPad app, LetterPress.
My main reason for copying it was the challenge of creating a satisfactory computer opponent.
24 Jun 2018 : Word Sleuth
Not sure where I got the idea for this one, but it sure tests 'the little grey cells'!
There is a mystery 6 letter word and 6 clues to help you find it.
There are over 2,600 words awaiting you!
14 May 2018 : Colour Yahtzee
Based on the popular game of Yahtzee but it uses colours instead of numbers or letters.
I'm trying something new here - the info button produces helpful instructions which change as the game progresses.
9 May 2018 : Countries
How well do you know your countries?
45 chances to find out!
28 Apr 2018 : Alpha 12
Very proud of this one. As far as I know it's completely original.
It is inspired by Scrabble but I find it more challenging and, of course, it has the advantage of being 'single player'.
21 Apr 2018 : Word Puzzles
I've decided to create web versions of some of my favourite word puzzles - enjoy!
15 Jan 2018 : Scratch Adventures
Late in 2017 I started to take a serious interest in Scratch.
Initially I had considered it mainly for young people but I gradually realised that it was surprisingly powerful.
19 Nov 2017 : Chess
I was keen to create a web chessboard for just myself and a friend.
It worked out so well that I decided to develop it into a public offering.
Not as fancy as the others but very simple in its presentation.
24 Jul 2017 : Oz Movies
There are 53 Australian movies in my database.
This quiz randomly selects 10 images for you to identify.
20 Jul 2017 : Acrostics
Fiendishly difficult to create but relatively easy to solve.
You also have the choice of using straight or cryptic clues.
17 May 2017 : Martin Gardner
His Mathematical column in the Scientific American back in the 60's brought me hours of pleasure - here I revisit some of my favourites.
Looking Back Over the Years
I hope to keep adding to this part of the website. It would be great to have some record of the milestones over the years.