Another little activity from my distant Game Creation past. I mainly did this web version for the exercise as I've run out of serious projects!
A simple idea but it can be quite tricky. You have to 'colour in' the squares to make rectangles matching the numbers. You can click on the title for an answer if you get stuck.
Class Games
My daughter is a Primary School teacher and together we came up with the idea of adapting some of my Brain Games as activities for a whole class via a display at the front of the room.
My Scratch Adventures
Late in 2017 I started to take a serious interest in Scratch. Initially I had considered it mainly for young people but I gradually realised that it was surprisingly powerful.
Five different quizzes -
Our World, The Oscars, Oz Movies, Movie Iconic Lines and Movie Soundtracks.
Behind the Scenes - Acrostics
A detailed look at how I make these absorbing puzzles.
Behind the Scenes - Jigsaws
Making one of my jigsaws from start to finish.
Martin Gardner
His Mathematical column in the Scientific American back in the 60's brought me hours of pleasure - here I revisit some of my favourites.
I was keen to create a web chessboard for just myself and a friend. It worked out so well that I decided to develop it into a public offering.
Not as fancy as the others but very simple in its presentation.