Our World Quiz

Thirty random questions about the countries in our world.
Uses a database of 107 countries.

Oscars Quiz

Thirty random questions about the films than won Oscars in 2001 to 2016.

Oz Movies

There are 53 Australian movies in my database. This quiz randomly selects 10 images for you to identify.


SimCom (Simple Computer) is my simulation of how a computer operates behind the scenes. There's a tutorial on how to use it in the Tutorials Section.

Peter's Brain Games

After completing my website makeover, I decided to try creating web versions of my popular iPad activities.

Behind the Scenes - Acrostics

A detailed look at how I make these absorbing puzzles.

Behind the Scenes - Jigsaws

Making one of my jigsaws from start to finish.

Martin Gardner

His Mathematical column in the Scientific American back in the 60's brought me hours of pleasure - here I revisit some of my favourites.