Class Games
My daughter is a Primary School teacher and together we came up with the idea of adapting some of my Brain Games as activities for a whole class via a display at the front of the room.
My Scratch Adventures
Late in 2017 I started to take a serious interest in Scratch. Initially I had considered it mainly for young people but I gradually realised that it was surprisingly powerful.
Five different quizzes -
Our World, The Oscars, Oz Movies, Movie Iconic Lines and Movie Soundtracks.
SimCom (Simple Computer) is my simulation of how a computer operates behind the scenes. There's a tutorial on how to use it in the Tutorials Section.
Behind the Scenes - Acrostics
A detailed look at how I make these absorbing puzzles.
Behind the Scenes - Jigsaws
Making one of my jigsaws from start to finish.
Martin Gardner
His Mathematical column in the Scientific American back in the 60's brought me hours of pleasure - here I revisit some of my favourites.
I was keen to create a web chessboard for just myself and a friend. It worked out so well that I decided to develop it into a public offering.
Not as fancy as the others but very simple in its presentation.