I still recall discovering John Conway's "Game Of Life" in the Sixties.
Nowadays, his ideas have been much developed - Stephen Wolfram even proposes that this work could form the basis of an entirely new way of doing Science.

It was with great interest that I recently discovered Stephen's work.

Binary Cellular Automaton

In this case we start with a single black cell at top. Each succeeding row is generated according to the rules at the top.

For example, this rule shows the triple, white-black-black spawning a black.

Stephen was especially fascinated by "Rule 30" in that the central column appears random. No pattern could be discerned even after trillions of generations!

My Work
Ternary Cellular Automaton

I couldn't help myself - I had to expand on the above work.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there are over 7.5 trillion settings - compared with only 256 in the binary case!

I worked out that if I looked at one pattern each second, it would take me over 2,400 centuries to see them all!

My Work