The right hand dish is your target dish - the one at the left end is mine.

When it is your turn, click on any of the six bottom dishes. It may help if you imagine how this game was originally played. On your turn you pick up all the seeds (yes that's what they used) from one of the dishes and then moving in a circle you drop one seed in each dish until they are all gone but you skip over my dish. Then I do the same.

Two important extras:

1. If the last "seed" falls in your target dish, you get another go.

2. If the last "seed" falls in one of your dishes AND it is empty, you score all the seeds in the opposite dish!

Play proceeds until all the seeds are in the target dishes or until one of you is in an unbeatable position.

Each side starts with 24 balls so once there is 25 or more in a target dish, the game is over.