Listen Hear

2015 was taken up with creating iPad apps for a Speech Therapist - this will take you to her site for a look.


Back in 2012 I had a bit of play with Linux and made some of my programs available for this operating system. I have no idea if they still work with the latest distros but for the sake of perpetuity here they are.

A few of my photos

I've selected just a few favourites from the thousands I've taken over the years.

My Bird Photography

When I retired in 2006, one of the many things on my 'To Do' list was to purchase a 300mm telephoto lens and to use it for bird photography. This is the result.


A moving poem by my daughter, Simone, and a chance for me to share a photo of my lovely mother.

Uncle Norm

This is a true Internet story to warm your heart.

The World According to Manu

One of my first videos and a great way to meet two of my very special companions. (If there is no vision on Mac Chrome, try the download button and then watch locally.)