Peter's Jigsaws
You have two choices here :

play right now online (24, 48, 96 or 192 pieces) or, if you have a Mac or a Windows PC, download my very popular 300 piece jigsaw program.
Oz Jigsaw (2018)
I was determined to have my jigsaws on the web but it turns out this is very difficult. So far this is my only success and it is only possible because the pieces are just a single colour.
Octagon Jigsaw (2021)
This is one of the puzzles from my popular game, 'Magnetic' and reveals my love of tessellations!
Tangram is a 1000-year-old Chinese puzzle. I have included 28 traditional shapes for you to make. You may also like to challenge yourself by creating all the letters of the alphabet and the ten numerals. The pieces should not overlap. If you come up with an interesting shape of your own, send it to me and I may add it to my 28. Click on the title to clear my pattern.
Mandelbrot Jigsaw
Combining my love of the Mandelbrot Set and Jigsaws. Note that the title is clickable.
Feeling left out cos you don't have a Mac and therefore couldn't try my tessellation jigsaws? No longer! I've re-created them all to play online. Enjoy!