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by: anonymous
Thu Jan 13th 2022
I've struggled with many tutes and books but always ended up totally daunted by the amount of "stuff". Then I tried your "Web Games Creation" tutes. Wow! Your minimalist approach led to my having a good grasp of much of the total picture by the the time I'd worked through all 17 tutes.
Peter replies:
Great to hear! You may be interested to know that I've started using them with interested 11 year olds with some success.
by: Jocelyn
Fri Dec 24th 2021
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year. :)
by: Marian
Wed Dec 22nd 2021
Merry Christmas to you and your family Peter. Hopefully the New Year will be better than this past one.
by: kazam76
Tue Dec 14th 2021
I have been confined to my bed since my accident. Just want to tell you what a life-saver your website has been. So many different activities. Many thanks ... Christine
by: J.T.Carson
Sun Dec 12th 2021
Great website - keep up the good work!
by: Jackie
Sun Dec 12th 2021
My friend Nancy talks lots about your jigsaws - is it still possible to become a subscriber?
Peter replies:
It sure is! - check out this link.