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by: BillN
Tue May 3rd 2022
I'm so tired of spending hours waiting on Help Lines and mostly getting someone ill equipped to answer my question. So I was amazed when you replied almost immediately to my email and, even more than just that, you were prepared to excahnge emails until you were satisfied my question had been answered.
by: J
Mon Mar 7th 2022
I am SO grateful for your jigsaw puzzles. After all these years, I still look forward every week to new ones. Please don't stop sending them out. I'm now 84 so not sure how much longer I'll be up to tackling one. They are one of the very few highlights of my week here in Houston plus keeping my brain stimulated.
Peter replies:
Right with you! I do one most days and for at least an hour I'm completely absorbed.
by: Pat
Wed Mar 2nd 2022
Your website is AMAZING - in the true sense of the word. Wow!
by: GeoffD
Thu Feb 3rd 2022
Love your new Wordle! So does Kate.
Peter replies:
How neat to get such positive feedback - thank you!
by: anonymous
Thu Jan 13th 2022
I've struggled with many tutes and books but always ended up totally daunted by the amount of "stuff". Then I tried your "Web Games Creation" tutes. Wow! Your minimalist approach led to my having a good grasp of much of the total picture by the the time I'd worked through all 17 tutes.
Peter replies:
Great to hear! You may be interested to know that I've started using them with interested 11 year olds with some success.
by: Jocelyn
Fri Dec 24th 2021
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year. :)
by: Marian
Wed Dec 22nd 2021
Merry Christmas to you and your family Peter. Hopefully the New Year will be better than this past one.
by: kazam76
Tue Dec 14th 2021
I have been confined to my bed since my accident. Just want to tell you what a life-saver your website has been. So many different activities. Many thanks ... Christine
by: J.T.Carson
Sun Dec 12th 2021
Great website - keep up the good work!
by: Jackie
Sun Dec 12th 2021
My friend Nancy talks lots about your jigsaws - is it still possible to become a subscriber?
Peter replies:
It sure is! - check out this link. And they're now free!